The Curious Case of Action "JAX" Vroman

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The Curious Case of Action "JAX" Vroman

Post by MR. FAST on Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:43 pm

Can we conclude that Jax became the David Noel part 2??

During the concluded elimination round of Commisioner's Cup, I admit I'm one of
the people who admired the game of Ginebra's 6'10 COOL import Jackson
Vroman. He's all around type of game fits the game of the well-loved
team. He can run the fastbreaks, he can slam it home, he can have his
own block party and lastly he can share the ball. AT THE SAME TIME, we
saw how this behemoth argues with the refs all the time, I have a
chance watch a game of BGK against TNT in Courtside seats, and I must
say, he's like a grade schooler because of his temper. He has always
something to say to the referees. But still, I thought that he's hot
tempered attitude will not be a problem if he continues his brilliant

Here comes the semi finals against the Llamados, Manila Clasico as what we say. All the fans are all pumped out, without BGK's main guy MC47, the Ginebra faithfuls
prayed that our BELOVED import will have great games.

Unfortunately, it did not happen. It's quite obvious with the body language of the team that they are not happy with the attitude of their import. He became like a local player with a normal game. It feels like he is just a player earning 100k per month. To top it all, the way he complains got worse to WORST. It's quite disappointing for a basketball fan (especially a BGK fan) on how this import reacts to the calls and to all the bumps.

Fast Forward to game 4, Fouling OUT?? really Jax?? You're last two fouls is a testament that you don't want to play anymore!

Going back to the back question? Is he the David Noel part 2? I must say no! Because as much as we know, he's worse than that. PERIOD.

BarberSpeak Notes:

  • We can't blame the referees for one reason alone, since 1975,
    that kind of calls remains in the league, the players it self must
    adjust to the calls of the refs. And with a kind of import like Jax,
    adjustments will always be a problem.

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Posted by: Philippe on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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