Now coach of Ginebra, Jeffrey Cariaso’s next mission is to stop San Mig Coffee Grand Slam

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Now coach of Ginebra, Jeffrey Cariaso’s next mission is to stop San Mig Coffee Grand Slam

Post by MR. FAST on Tue May 20, 2014 10:41 am

Now coach of Ginebra, Jeffrey Cariaso’s next mission is to stop San Mig Coffee Grand Slam

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Jeffrey Cariaso’s final night as a member of the Tim Cone’s coaching staff was a triumphant one, as the San Mig Super Coffee Mixers clinched the PLDT Home TVolution Commissioner’s Cup to win their third straight PBA title.

“You can’t ask for anything better, to be able to leave on a high note,” said Cariaso, who will take over the reins of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel in the Governors’ Cup.

“I’m very happy.”

While leaving a team that has established a championship tradition could be hard, Cariaso is all about moving forward.

“I’m not thinking about what I’m gonna miss with San Mig Coffee,” said Cariaso, who will be taking fellow San Mig Coffee assistant Olsen Racela to the Gin Kings. “I’m focused on the things that I can bring to Ginebra.”

Cariaso was a member of the Alaska team also coached by Cone that won the PBA’s last Grand Slam in 1996. With San Mig Coffee in position to duplicate that feat, Cariaso’s mission with the Gin Kings becomes trying to win a title and stop the Mixers from winning the Grand Slam.

“Hopefully, if opportunity comes,” said Cariaso.

No easy task

Unlike San Mig Coffee that has established a winning culture under Cone, in stark contrast to a Ginebra team that has counted Jong Uichico, Siot Tanquingcen, Alfrancis Chua, Ato Agustin, and now Cariaso as head coaches over the past three seasons.

Cariaso knows the monumental task ahead of him in trying to turn the Gin Kings around.

“I know it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be a challenge in itself. The most important thing is I understand that, understand how hard you have to work, how much time it’s gonna take and hopefully I can have the guys understand what I’m trying to bring there. It wasn’t easy with San Mig Coffee, it wasn’t easy with Alaska, and you never wanted it to be easy,” said Cariaso, who will be taking his first head coaching job.

Cariaso said he will install the vaunted triangle offense, a hallmark of Cone’s systems to Ginebra.

“I’m gonna bring the triangle to Ginebra. You have to understand, Coach Tim is not only my coach when I was playing, he’s also my mentor as a coach. I’ve been with him the longest among the coaches in the Philippines. I learned from him and I’ve learned from the best,” said Cariaso.

“But I’m gonna have my own twists here and there, a little version on my side which I will think on my own. But it’s a formula that works. But let me clarify, it’s not about the triangle, it’s the attitude, the willingness to work hard, the attention to details. If we’re on the same page, good things will happen.”

Cariaso has already started practicing with Ginebra and is off to a good start.

“I’m impressed with the veterans. Even though they’re veterans, they’re learning and they’re setting good examples to the younger guys. That’s all I can ask for them and hopefully, they’ll all understand what we’re doing and at the same time we’re having fun,” said Cariaso.

“This team has the tools. We have to somehow bring it all together and that would be my bigger task.”


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