Of Kings and Princes

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Of Kings and Princes

Post by MR. FAST on Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:50 am

Of Kings and Princes

Many have so valiantly tried, sacrilegiously dared even, to unseat the one true King. He wears no crown, though his on/off headband (depending on the season and hairstyle) could be considered as such. They have opted to award princes with fancy titles, if only because they cater to different markets most of which are still learning the game.

And even when the times have changed with the King left to see his peers dismissed with an air of nostalgia, the masses quick to embrace new idols and champions, the King rises from his throne to quash all newcomers right where they stand.

Thy King’s name is Mark Caguioa of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, his Kingdom, as it has been the last decade or so, is the PBA. Championship runs, individual accolades and All Star Selections or not.

Here, he is King of the masses.

One faithful Thursday evening, another new prince out to make a name for himself came barging into the King’s court. Like a true conqueror, GlobalPort Batang Pier’s rookie protégé Terrence Romeo stormed the castle that is the SMART Araneta Coliseum with lighted, booming arrows and mighty bow in hand.

From the ashes of an early first half lead by Ginebra, Romeo and the Batang Pier came roaring back, taking the lead late after a string of brilliant forays by the young conqueror.

But the King was unnerved.

He has seen this before. Paul Lee, Jayson Castro, Sol Mercado and even Mac Mac Cardona—they all came before Romeo, out to make a name for themselves, out for the King’s crown, out for his Kingdom.

But not on that night.

The King who was supposed to be ready to accept his fate as his tall towers were on the verge of crumbling suddenly went on the offensive. Nonchalantly taking three pointers and jumpshots, all over Romeo and Mercado’s heads, Caguioa put on a scoring clinic if only to disprove any and all news of his career’s untimely end.

Sing no sad songs for this king. Not with averages of 17 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists in only 28 minutes of action in three games. When the smoke cleared from the wrath of the King, he praised the young prince but at the same time was quick to serve notice.

The King is not too keen on giving up his throne— not when new conquests and challenges have come before him.


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