Is Ginebra’s starting five the best in the PBA?

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Is Ginebra’s starting five the best in the PBA?

Post by garrett_jax on Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:48 pm

One by one, they dashed through high-fives and body-bumps. One by one, they took their positions on the court. One by one, they heard crowd roars only optimism can produce. Greg Slaughter, Japeth Aguilar, Chris Ellis, Mark Caguioa and LA Tenorio emerged from the bench. They were Ginebra’s initial salvo. The tone-setters. The front-liners.

Starters have immediate accountabilities. They were either going to be the first ones to excite the gallery or be the first ones to disappoint their followers.

Ginebra fans have a way of getting excited like no one else.

Ginebra fans have a way of getting disappointed like no one else.

Hence, Ginebra starters have lofty expectations to meet. What’s new? Same, same, right? Normally I would say yes. But after watching Slaughter, Aguilar, Ellis, Caguioa and Tenorio manhandle Rain or Shine in the opening minutes of their game, and you don’t just manhandle Rain or Shine that way because…uhm…you just don’t do that that easily, I had to ask myself, “Am I watching the best starting unit in the league?”

I realize Ginebra’s starting unit is a hyperbole-explosion waiting to happen. The temptation to blurt out crazy compliments is quite strong. When you’re drinking Ginebra, you need to drink moderately. When you’re trying to discuss the strengths of Ginebra’s first five, you need to praise moderately.

You can’t just recklessly declare that Ginebra’s starting five can beat Spain…in Spain.

I have to remind myself: hinay-hinay lang chief.

So here goes. Here’s my levelheaded, tranquil-as-a-guy-groggy-on-cough-medicine assessment of Ginebra’s starting five in one word:


In the first quarter against Rain or Shine, Ginebra’s starters went on an opening fun-and-gun blitz which stunned Rain or Shine. Note that Rain or Shine loves playing fun-and-gun basketball. Yet Rain or Shine was out-Rain-or-Shined by Ginebra. Slaughter scored. Aguilar galloped. Ellis sprinted. Caguioa attacked. Tenorio organized. That starting unit has the look and feel of a Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster movie. It’s even cast like a Bruckheimer movie: lahat big time.

Die-hard fans can also make bold claims for each member of the starting unit.

Slaughter is the best rookie.

Aguilar is the most athletic big man.

Ellis is the best dunker.

Caguioa is an immortal.

Tenorio is the best point guard.

In an interview with the great David Halberstam, Wilt Chamberlain once said, “No one roots for Goliath.” That is true. But as soon as Goliath slips into a red Ginebra jersey, everything changes. He suddenly becomes the crowd favorite. Ginebra’s starting unit looks like a never-say-die team strutting around in Tom Ford suits. Underdog appeal. Conqueror capabilities.


That starting unit has the following:

May height.

May experience.

May youth.

May shot-blocking.

May speed.

May highlights.

May Gilas.
?May slam-dunks.

May monikers.

And just in case makalimutan ko…

May height.

So is this the best starting unit in the PBA?

Ginebra can answer that question with their strong start. They’re 2-0. Maybe Petron, Alaska, Talk ‘N Text and other contenders can provide different answers to that question too. But Ginebra likewise knows, cautiously even, that you can provide an even better answer to that question with a strong finish.

You don’t want to disappoint your supporters on the last day.

You want to excite the gallery on the last day.

99 percent of hit movies have happy endings. Like Top Gun. Like Armageddon. Like Pirates of the Carribean. Basketball tournaments are different from hit movies. They’re very different. Endings aren’t always as happy for teams.

Ginebra fans need not worry about that now.

It’s too early to worry over plot twists.

It’s too early to worry about the challenges that will surely come.

At 2-0, it’s okay to relish in a primary state of perfection, to celebrate the possibilities in the Philippine Cup, to embrace optimism with so many games to go, to enjoy talking about Slaughter, Aguilar, Ellis, Caguioa and Tenorio – the blockbuster starting unit that has done very well, and to watch Ginebra at the start of games and just catch yourself saying, “Wow.”

Source: Mico Halili, GMA News

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Re: Is Ginebra’s starting five the best in the PBA?

Post by ampogi on Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:59 pm

yes, me think too...a very intelligent Point Guard, a relentless scorer, a high-wire leaper, pentathlon athlete and a Great Wall defender....

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Re: Is Ginebra’s starting five the best in the PBA?

Post by MR. FAST on Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:49 pm

All i can say mas nag improve na yung laro ng ginebra vs ROS kumpara nung unang laban nila sa SanMig and hoping magtuloy tuloy pa to..

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Re: Is Ginebra’s starting five the best in the PBA?

Post by betterhalf on Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:09 pm

mahirap pang masabi sa ngaun kasi napakarami pang laro
cguro maganda nlang mag improve ng mag improve kada game para bloxkbuster lagi ang venue ng laro pag ginebra ang lalaban
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Re: Is Ginebra’s starting five the best in the PBA?

Post by NSD Loyalist on Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:12 pm

Too early to tell. But the starting 5 of Ginebra is doing an awesome job on both ends of the court, well, atleast on their 1st 2 games. We'll see if they have the best starting 5 as the conference progresses.
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Re: Is Ginebra’s starting five the best in the PBA?

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