For Ginebra Fans, On to the Finals

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For Ginebra Fans, On to the Finals

Post by MR. FAST on Wed May 15, 2013 5:26 pm

On to the Finals*
Kaye Cabal

For a team coming from rock bottom,
It seemed impossible to find a way to blossom.
While many thought it could be over,
We remained, for whatever reasons we could gather.
But all these reasons, no matter how big or small,
Made it easier for us to hold on.

And as we lifted everything to up above,
And as we allowed fate take control,
And destiny to drive us all,
There they were, not all mighty but with heart so strong,
Able to find a way to thrive and glow.

So savor the feeling, dear faithful,
We have been waiting for this moment for so long.
So long that we thirst, so long that we hunger,
So long that we feel like it’s already taking forever.
And as we graciously reminisce that moment,
That moment when we knew,
As the final buzzer sounded,
With heads down, knees on the floor,
and as we thank the Lord,

Our dear Barangay Ginebra, on to the finals,
Once again, once more.
And with tears in the eyes as we smile,
Allow ourselves to realize, realize that we’re blessed,
Blessed to be having this moment.

*Original post on Twitter and Facebook 13 May 2013


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