Barangay Ginebra Aims to Put Big Boy Pants On vs. Talk ‘N Text in Game 1

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Barangay Ginebra Aims to Put Big Boy Pants On vs. Talk ‘N Text in Game 1

Post by MR. FAST on Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:50 am

Barangay Ginebra Aims to Put Big Boy Pants On vs. Talk ‘N Text in Game 1


For Talk ‘N Text, this game is more about setting the tone. They come into this series the favorites by sweeping an extremely deep Petron team. Their game is finally picking up and going to where it is supposed to be. They’re the better team on paper that’s why it’s integral for them to set the tone in Game 1. Tonight is a “We’re gonna dictate this series!” game for the Tropang Texters.

For Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, this game is about putting their big boy pants on. It’s about them sending TNT a message that says “Hey, we’re not the 80-pound little whipping boy you guys might think.” Game 1 for them is about proving that they can beat a peaking TNT team.



This is the PBA Semis, and this is where the refs typically start to swallow their whistles. I mean let’s face it. The Semis are called way differently than the eliminations. Although the TNT guys are not really known as a bunch that gives some, they will eventually give some at one point in this game — that’s why if Pamboy Raymundo comes in with ten seconds left in the first half, watch out Ginebra! BGSM on the other hand, has an interesting mix of veterans and young guns. It’s imperative for their Manong Brigade to keep calm and play on when they get hit so they show the kids how it’s done.

Of course as it has always played out, whoever wilts first, whoever loses their focus, loses the game.


Josh Urbiztondo.

If Josh Urbiztondo was big in that series against RoS, he has to be HUGE in this one. Even though The Fireball only shot 3/17 from the field and 1/11 from Caidic Country, he gave BGSM an unbelievably huge lift. Aside from getting L.A. Tenorio a little bit of rest, he was another playmaker that they used heavily even he was new to the team.

Now in this series, he absolutely cannot shoot the ball as poorly.

For Ginebra to have a legitimate shot at winning Game 1 — heck, any game in this series — Josh Urbiztondo almost has to be the Josh Urbiztondo we saw in the first weeks of this conference.

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