A tale of three coaches

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A tale of three coaches

Post by MR. FAST on Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:16 pm

A tale of three coaches

With the rebuilding process already underway for the teams that have been eliminated in the Philippine Cup, reports have it that there will be three new head coaches come next conference. One is a fiery long-haired mentor whose claim to fame is winning in the amateurs and letting his hair down with victories. Another is the epitome of 1970s
Pinoy Macho, complete with pomade and porn-stache. Then there's another one, who hasn't signed yet but is rumored to be going that direction, a guy who reminds you of your favorite odd uncle who laughs with you most of the time but will call you out with curses the next to straighten you out.

Alfrancis Chua (Barangay Ginebra San Miguel)
The writing was on the wall the very first time the pony-tailed tactician made an appearance on the Ginebra sidelines. Fans were clamoring for change, the players were becoming restless with the oddball rotation and rolls being handed them-- the timing couldn't have been better for Chua to step in. Though it took two-three conferences to happen, probably so that Chua can have a feel for the team first, Ginebra desperately needed change. Players weren't responding quite as well to former coach Siot Tangquincen's system and there were a lot of head-scratching decisions being made left and right. The last we saw of Chua (we're Santa Lucia diehards, we know how he is), he is a guy who preaches the run-and-gun system and is very strict.

We wouldn't credit him as being a great "motivator" as others are writing and saying him to be these days (hello, he couldn't do squat with Marlou Aquino and Dennis Espino), we see him more as a businessman type. A guy who will preach a system and stick to that no matter what, either you're in or you'r out. It's not that hard to see why Noli Eala went with Chua, he probably sees a lot of himself in the Thomasian. There's an ego-factor playing there, how else can you explain Chua letting his black locks loose everytime they win? Red Auerbach did it in Boston with his cigars, nothing bad with Chua doing it as well as long as they win. And with this line-up, we believe Chua will make them winners by shortening the rotation (he usually plays six to seven guys heavy minutes tops).

Junel Baculi (GlobalPort Batang Pier)
The hard-nosed, old school system worked wonders for Baculi with Barako Bull last season and though he suffered a reshuffling of his roster to start the season they were still pretty solid in terms of being a legit darkhorse. Problem was, Rico Villanueva went down to injury and no one stepped up to the plate to deliver. End of story. End of Baculi's BarakoBull journey. Now he joins a team that "wants" to win in the PBA. He is reunited with his amateurs patron, Mikee Romero, in an effort to rebuild that Harbour Centre magic they had in the PBL (which unfortunately led to its demise).

They have Gary David and Willie Miller in the fold, so that should give them some firepower. Plus rookies Jason Deutchman and AJ Mandani appear to be the "steals" of this year's draft given the right coaching and minutes. If reports that rookie Vic Manuel-- who is suffering from a "I want to put up superstar numbers now because I'm a superstar" syndrome, is headed to Petron (plus a draft pick, hindi naman papayag and Petron na walang draft pick sempre) in exchange for Jay Washington, then they have a legit best five to put on the floor right away. PG Mandani, SG David SF Deutchman PF Washington C Import and Miller coming off the bench as the old-yet-reliable offensive spark.

Now, how to get rid of Hussaini...

Pido Jarencio (Barako Bull)
Taking over for Baculi and "graduating" from his coaching duties with the University of Santo Tomas, Jarencio will have a roster that should be built around the younger guys instead of just relying and waiting for vintage performances from Danny Seigle and Mick Pennisi. Villanueva's out, leaving Jarencio with Doug Kramer as his best big man. They have some nice pieces such as Sean Anthony and Josh Urbiztondo but lack a go-to-scorer (which is rumored to be addressed via a Joseph Yeo-Ronald Tubid trade) so that could be a problem. Fortunately for them, next conference will be about the imports and getting a big guy who can put up the numbers should be a priority. Hell, given their line-up which is frontline heavy with a lot of burly and bruising 6"4-6"6 guys, getting a scorer for an import (say a 6"8 wingman) wouldn't be that far-fetched
and should be considered.

Source: KKS


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