Change of heart... after eight hours.

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Change of heart... after eight hours.

Post by MR. FAST on Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:51 am

Change of heart... after eight hours.

Former Ginebra import Chris
saw Game Four of
the semifinal series that pitted his Barangay
Ginebra Kings
against the B-Meg
. In a game that saw the Kings getting wasted by the Llamados,
Alexander was firing at all cylinders in Twitterlandia.

After the game, Alexander had a bunch of
tweets that when deciphered properly will lead to this:

“All I can
say is Noli Eala… I bet your face is full of smiles right now. Thanks for the
pink slip buddy! At least I could have had a chance to close my own chapter
here in the Philippines
instead of a man who has no (expletive) IQ about basketball.

Wait… can you
tell me your reasons for releasing me again without any notice? Oh… I know – 14
points and 20 rebounds, that is! Noli Eala, you don’t have to tell me nothing
but I know people will ask you that question for a long time! I guess the only
reason you signed me back to the team so no other team would have me. My
insides are burning right now! (I) saw my good friends fall today and without
me. Damn I hate that they lost. (I’m) not saying I am the one who would have
helped them win but at least I could have a reason as to why I was not there to
try to help win as a team and lose as a team, but not all people know what a
team is because it seemed they can never keep (every)one together.

I guess I
will go down in the stories of “what ifs”.

Or maybe what
if Noli Eala was never around.

Until next
time, Mr. Boss. Good night and good win I guess. Now I really do pray Jayjay
(Helterbrand) and Eric (Menk) many blessings in their next steps in life if
they do choose to retire and pray for the speedy recovery of Mark Caguioa.”


Talk about passion… and sheer anger.

He further said that Noli Eala was the one that has been trying to send him home. Eala
also allegedly said that Alexander was getting outplayed by other players.

Eight hours after he said those things in
Twitter, Chris Alexander posted another set of tweets:

“To all of
the people who are following me and (had) read my tweets last night, I wanna
say that I am so sorry for the (things) I was tweeting. The words I chose to
use toward Noli Eala… I just been having a hard time ever since I was released
from here and it has been really hard to get pass it. I (have) been waiting for
years to come back and (it) just caught (me) by surprise when I was released. I
felt the pain of the team last night as well as Vroman’s.

So please
forgive me for the tweets and please know that (this) is not like me at all.
(It) just hurts so bad when they lost. Coach Siot (Tanquingcen) was a big fan
of mine and I know he wanted me to stay here. I just was not 100 percent and so
they panicked and replaced me. Maybe Vroman was a good fit for them. I just
hope and pray Jayjay and Eric will leave the game with a championship.

Get well soon

And I wanna
say that Denzel (Bowles) is one damn good player and once he truly learns the
game he will be in the NBA for sure.”

I remember what Howie Severino and the other GMA
personalities are teaching us… THINK
. I don’t know if alcohol played a major role in
Alexander’s brain functions but that eight hour interval from his last tweet to
his first tweet would probably involve Alexander with or without his friends,
with a smart phone on one hand and booze on the other, getting frustrated
because Ginebra was sucking the life of his being.

By the way, I think this is Alexander’s Twitter

The way he writes… it reminds me of Floyd Mayweather’s tweets... and other black hiphop guys.

Quoting Quinito
Henson’s Twitter account
, Alexander cried when he was cut by Ginebra and
rejected a lot of offers to play for Korea
and Qatar
because of depression.

Chris Alexander played for Ginebra in the 2009 Fiesta Conference where they won
the title and he was named Best Import.
Aside from Caguioa, Helterbrand, and Menk, Willy
Wilson and Billy Mamaril
are still part of their roster. He was the
Ginebra’s third import that conference after Rashon Turner and Ernest Brown. Alexander, who is about to turn 32
in July, averaged 18.7 points, 20.4
rebounds, 2.1 assists, and 3.5 blocks in 38.3 minutes of action

In his initial stint, Alexander played
second fiddle for Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand which was also what he
did during his return stint. However the mystique of Jackson Vroman was just too enticing for the Kings. I can’t really
blame Eala for choosing Vroman then but I really hoped he would just place
Alexander on the injured reserve list just like what Talk N Text Tropang Texters did when Maurice Baker had to step in for the inadequate Scottie Reynolds in the 2011 PBA Governor’s Cup.

Alexander witnessed Ginebra’s downfall a
week after he was signed up by the ABL’s
Air Asia Philippine Patriots
. Eala however had the last laugh when his San Miguel Beermen spoiled his return
to Philippine soil.

Alexander has nothing to fear in terms of
fan reaction. The fans saw and were up in arms with regards to Vroman’s weak
showing. While fans are torn on whether or not he can pilot the squad to the
finals (or if he was the one that wrote all the Eala-bashing tweets), Chris
Alexander has proven once that he can win with the squad. The only problem that
lies for Alexander is whether or not he can still get a PBA job the moment he
wants to come back. For sure, Alexander will not wear a SMC uniform as long as
Eala is at helm.

In fairness to Eala, the former PBA
commissioner has remained mum to Alexander’s Twitting rampage.

For Alexander, he needs to come back in
shape next year…

… And make sure he gets the nod of many non-SMC PBA teams.

Maybe he can chum with Manny Pangilinan?

Game over.

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Re: Change of heart... after eight hours.

Post by MythicalV on Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:18 am

Badtrip talaga tong si EALA

naintindihan ko bakit tila binawi ni Alexander ang tweet nya. malamang may nag advice sa kanya na gawin yun dahil nga pagiinitan siya netong si K*PAL na EALAng to!

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Re: Change of heart... after eight hours.

Post by DMac on Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:34 am

Tama lang mga sinabi ni Alexander. Di nagsasalita si Eala dahil alam niyang madaming fans din papanig kay Alexander.
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Re: Change of heart... after eight hours.

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